Liberty of London for Target & Country Living magazine


While at Target one day. I came across this awesome floral collection designed by Liberty of London for Target. I couldn't take my eyes off of the display. I even walked away, only to come back down the aisle to have another look.
I was stuck on everything! But with my new attempt at self-control while shopping, I decided to get only one thing...
A pretty floral printed large padfolio with clipboard.
It was the only one on the shelf.
It was shopping destiny.

And what to my surprise did I find while skimming the pages of Country Living magazine a few days later while hanging out at Barnes & Noble.

A gorgeous spread styled with many of the pretty floral pieces from Liberty of London for Target! 

Oh I knew I should've bought that canister when I saw it!

Makes me want to go out and start a garden! Feed the birds! Put on some gardening gloves and my rubber boots (and I do own some), and till the dirt (in Hawaii). Only to have some bees chase me back into the house, after picking up the scent of my perfume...that I most likely sprayed on to get in the gardening mood...bad idea.


  1. oh i envy you so much for this padfolio. the liberty of london things are so colorful they instantly put me in a good mood. unfortunately they're not sold here.
    there is something about buying an item which is the last, right? i do that as well. feels somehow special.
    wishing you happy easter and a lovely long weekend merissa.
    hugs from afar, lou

  2. Happy Easter Lou!
    I didn't realize that Target was only in the US. In that case I better go back and buy more! haha.
    Have a great weekend too :)

  3. I restrained myself also and only purchased a box with that same floral print you have. What a lot of people are doing here is buying it all up and selling it on eBay which really honks me off!!


  4. That article in Country Living blew me away too. I pretty much wanted everything in it.

  5. Love Liberty and everything floral! Lovely post!

  6. Thank you Lana :) I am very excited about Liberty's collaboration with Target! And I fell in love with florals all over again since!

  7. Vintage Sassy, I was so pleased to see a few days ago that Target restocked their assortment and included a few items that I didn't see the first time. Maybe they'll be more items at your local Target too! Check it out :) I was lucky to find more on my second trip!

  8. Hi Merissa, I LOVE your Liberty padfolio, and all the pretty, decorative and colourful floral patterns featured in the magazine pages! Very pretty indeed :)

  9. you are just too cute!!! LOVE ur blog! :)

  10. Thank you Katelyn :) so nice to have you here!
    xo, Merissa.


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