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Just wanted to share with you my latest purchase: scallop seashells. I'm mainly going to use them for photo styling. I wish I had found these on a beach, that would've been cool and make for an awesome story. But, I found them at one of my favorite shopping and browsing spots: Soha at Kahala Mall. 

I'm constantly on the prowl for things to dress my photos up with. Not that I need more things to add to my household. What can I do if I have photography as a hobby, I can't resist! I also scooped up some pretty cards with seaweed prints on them. They all went with my ocean theme.

Ever since I took up class at Kapiolani Community College, my art instructors have put lots of emphasis on the art of "looking", seeing your surroundings and noticing the tiny details. Now everything since then is like looking through a camera lens. I could be anywhere and cropping my surroundings with my eyes, when I least expect it. I'm focusing in on things as if I were turning the focus ring on my camera lens. I think I have a "looking illness", if you would call it that. It's always on my mind.

Whenever I go to the mall or at a grocery store even, I find myself attracted to things that I could photograph. I once found myself looking into my refrigerator and thinking "..ahh the lighting in here could make a interesting photo". Found myself contemplating the lighting conditions in my bathroom and how I could add a light to the back and front of my shower door for a photo. Do you do this too?

I'm laughing at myself!


  1. your photos and these colours together are so calming and grounding, merci :)

  2. Aloha Nathalie!
    So nice to have your visit from France :)
    Thank you so much for your kind words!

  3. Hey Merissa,

    You know the hubby just found a sunrise shell about two weeks ago after hunting for over 3 years. It's just about a 1/4 of an inch. :). looks like the one you have in the photo.

  4. Wow, he found it on the shore or while diving? Cool! I used to see people selling them on Kauai. I wish I found one myself! Sunrise shells are so beautiful :)

  5. He found it on the shore. But it's so eensie teenie. We found a few, but broken pieces of course. They sell them here too...

  6. Hi Merissa, I am new to your blog but I must say, I just adore what you've done with it and I can't wait to see more! You sound like a true artist looking for beauty in seashells and refrigerator light - it's so cute! I totally relate ;)

  7. Aloha Nancy!
    Thank you so much :) I'm glad you can relate to my story :) sometimes beauty can be in the strangest places...including refrigerators..haha!

  8. Love those seashell pictures.


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