Staying up late, really amounted to nothing...well at least for me last night.

Hmm...what was I doing? Nothing really! I gessoed a canvas, I sketched (and didn't complete the sketch), I went outside to spray fixative over a charcoal drawing, I did research on the computer (not at Neiman okay?), and then, I took out an old pencil sketch that I did on watercolor paper and then stared at it for sometime...

So I figured I'd work on this. Maybe with my colored pencils. I have these really awesome Prismacolor ones that are practically new. Only thing was that I didn't use them for sometime and I didn't remember where I had put them. So there I was making lotsa noise in the wee hours...but then I had to call it quits because I knew I might wake up Keith, who had to work at 8 in the morning. So I pouted...and then decided to use my watercolor pencils with a brush and water instead.

And after I did that I got stuck. I couldn't make up my mind if I should apply the same colors to the top sketch also...or different ones...or leave it bare? So after much debating...(with put it on my easel and went to bed. Now I'm looking at it again this morning...I mean it's now lunchtime, so noon, and I hope it starts talking to me..seriously.


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