Incoming Mail from the USA



Who loves a good mail day? I know I do. Every time I get a parcel from my talented pen pal Jennifer I know it's going to leave me ooh-ing and ahh-ing! Her wrapping is always so special, delicate, and full of heart. Here are photos of some of the little details.

And a typewritten bible verse on pretty paper.
"Come near to God and He will come near to you."
James 4:8

Simple Gift Wrap



A quick and simple gift wrapping today that I shared on my Instagram account: @merissa_cherie

Some of my favorite materials are kraft paper, twine, and burlap. So I just had to work with them while wrapping this little parcel.

On a side note..I can't wait to see more Fall/Autumn colors and decor everywhere soon. My aren't the days are flying by!

Incoming Mail from Iowa



Oh man! I received the prettiest planner clips in the mail. These are used as planner accessories and I'm just about to clip them on my hair because they're just so awesome haha., just kidding. These handmade pretties were made from vintage handkerchiefs by the talented Sara of Iowa Planner Girl @iowaplannergirl.

I just love how Sara packaged the clips on journaling cards made of scrapbooking paper and washi tape..polka dot washi tape!

I had to model them in my sister Hillary's planner for a photo. By the way, Sara also makes stickers!
Pretty floral stickers..ooh!


Talk about showers of blessing! I was also treated with vintage ephemera and stationery! Wowza..this is total happy mail..happy birthday..Merry Christmas to me! Sara and I did a swap; a vintage floral collage with bible verse for her vintage hanky clips. She totally spoiled me with the extras; I wasn't expecting this. So kind, generous, thoughtful,..amazing! God bless you Sara!

Visit Sara on her Instagram: @iowaplannergirl
Etsy shop: Iowa Planner Girl


War Binder Customization | Prayer Journaling



Just wanted to share some photos of the cover of my #warbinder. I'm a newbie to this and recently found out about this form of journaling through my sister. I believe it might've taken off after the movie War Room and spreading popularity through Instagram. To me it's a mix of planner + bible journaling + scrapbooking all in one with the subject of prayer, spiritual warfare to be exact..hence the name war binder. 

Now more about my binder. I picked up a 3-ring Avery clear cover heavy-duty binder at the store yesterday. Being that we don't have a Target where I live now (love their stationery section) I had to make do with what was offered here and also the fact that I couldn't wait and needed something asap. The price online is lower than what I paid in store but I wanted to start on my project that day 😬

I made a digital collage of ephemera and printed it out on Hahnemuhle matte inkjet photo paper's what I had on hand at the moment and let me tell you it's a beautiful paper that's not too thick but light enough and thin enough to slip under the clear cover of my binder. It prints wonderfully and my inkjet printer has never had its printing look so good. Paper makes a difference.

To further adorn my collage...I didn't know when to stop and neither could I control myself...I added washi tape and stickers. Because you know washi tape and stickers... 

On my cover I decided on the verse from 1 Thessalonians 5: 17 "Pray without ceasing" and I also added the word {Amen} which I cut by hand and ended up gluing the letters on when the sticker paper I used wasn't tacky enough. 

There's also a Facebook group War Binder which I learned about from my sister Hillary which was started by Rachel Puckett. Rachel is also on Periscope @penpalhappyness and she shares lots about her binders and gives you ideas on how to start yours by showing you how she uses hers. 

Postage Stamps | Quilled Paper Hearts USPS



Happy New Year! I thought I'd share my first postage stamp purchase of the year, the Quilled Paper Hearts, part of the USPS Forever postage stamps. I was so excited when I viewed them online at Stamp News Now. There are so many others I can't wait to get like the 1 cent Apples, finally an eye pleasing one cent stamp in lighter tones. I just hope they will be available in sheets as opposed to a coil of 10,000. For now I think these paper hearts will go on my Valentines mail. Oh man! I wish those ice cream stamps part of the Soda Fountain Favorites collection were to be released soon too, they would be sweet on Valentine's mail.

The new website is getting better and better. More graphics, stamp photos, and they're getting a lot easier to understand as far current stamp pricing. I had a tiny issue about understanding pricing on certain stamps last year, for example I wasn't sure what the rate was for the 2 oz., 3 oz. stamps etc., that I owned and couldn't find their current value clearly on the site. It seemed that every year the postal prices were increasing so I could not keep track of the current going rate for each stamp as they're all Forever postage nowadays..which I actually love because the word Forever on a stamp is so sentimental to me. So I made a little suggestion using their online form thinking that nothing would happen and to my surprise my message was heard! The USPS even went as far as sharing my message to the departments that could make a difference and boy was I amazed! I feel so thankful for all those who assisted me at the United States Postal Service and how they went above and beyond my expectations, how awesome is that for customer service. Now it's so helpful to see the current pricing for each postage stamp on their website. It's helpful for someone like me who likes to use multiple postage stamps in different designs and denominations including vintage ones on my envelopes just to make snail mail a lot more fancy.

Do you like to dress your envelopes up with postage stamps? Which stamps are you getting this year?

USPS Forever Quilled Paper Hearts postage stamps / 2016 stamp release line up at


Petite Girl Sketch



So stuck on gold, glitter, browns, wood, rustic, vintage things since autumn started. It's a color palette and style I am embracing, it's even changed the feel of my photos..I'm so hooked. Here's a little sketch of a girl I did today..hmm it's already midnight here so I did it time flies by.





Such heartbreak when I heard the news. Paris has always been a place of wonder and inspiration to me in many ways. And after working for a French company in the past I have become entranced with daydreams of travelling there, taking photos, doing art, listening to French music..shall I go on?..I dream a lot of that place believe me. I pray that Paris will be filled with love, hope, and comfort even after the horrendous tragedy that occurred. It's times like these when loving hearts come together and help each other mend and find hope. Prayer does wonders and I send mines. x

I had this photo of my gold Eiffel on my phone for many months now and decided to share it on my Instagram. IG has such a great sense of community, yesterday and today I saw an outpouring of support towards the city of light..Paris. Puts warmth in my heart to see so much aloha.


Incoming Snail Mail | Mail from Japan



Sharing with you photos of my pretty mail from Japan. Can you believe all of these cute things that my sweet pen pal sent me?! There's washi tape, candy, pretty printed cello bags, stickers, memo notes...and she sent me more than just what's photo'd. Japan has the loveliest packaging and stationery I've ever seen. They're also the greatest in gift giving, they know how to make someone feel special. Thank you dear Liddy for always treating me to amazing gifts, I am wowed each time! x


Recycling a paper bag into an envelope for snail mail



Hello, hello! It's October 2015 can you believe it?! I've been away from my blog for sometime now but today is a new day and I wanna share a spur of the moment craft project I did this afternoon. I posted it on my Instagram but I'd like to share the rest of the other photos here.
What you're looking at is an envelope crafted out of a grocery store paper bag..what's up Safeway. Since it's now Autumn I figured the brown kraft would be a good color to play with. The colors of the seasons don't occur here in Hawaii so this is the closest I'm getting.

I drew my own address labels with a marker I'm loving at the moment: Marvy Extra Fine Tip Le Plume II Double Ender Marker Pen, Black. It's actually a brush marker which I intended on using for brush calligraphy, but since that failed I use it for drawing. I love how dark the black is. I also used Sakura Micron Pen, Black
 for words.

I also used Vintage Office Paper Tape by Cavallini
 which were a gift from Jacquelyne of Letters to Love By. The Central Park ticket rubber stamp which I adore, was a gift from my co-worker. 

And let me tell you, I'm the weirdo that saves postage stamps from my mail. I turned these stamps into stickers using my little Xyron 150 "X" Create-a-Sticker And it just so happened that I needed them to decorate this envelope. No, I'm not mailing this envelope, it's just for mail art for me to look at.

The other things I used were miscellaneous washi tapes and stickers from my sticker stash. I wrote words onto white paper, cut them out, and glued them down.

Now to catch up with my snail mail...


Painting • Girl and Flowers



Finally got out the paintbrushes and paints and created something beyond a sketch. Here are photos of my work in progress. 

So the story behind this canvas, I had it sitting around unfinished from many years back. I stretched it by hand, gessoed, and laid out a pencil sketch, and I must've felt really uninspired by the current sketch because I left it to have some alone time for years. If you'd like to know, it was a street art style of sketch which I was very into 7-8 years ago...but now my likes have changed...

At the beginning there was a rough sketch...

Then I decided I didn't like her eyebrows so I waxed them off... or painted them off rather.

And fast forward to many brush strokes later, here's a look at her drying outdoors...


And a video I spent the entire day figuring out how to make. Discovering the different free video editing apps in the app store trying to see which ones I can comprehend. Me and technology...not my generation.

I'll be adding more layers to her, mixed media style, so she's just half way completed. Are you interested in seeing more of what I do with this canvas? Let me know and I'll share more photos along the way.


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