Paper Bits & Pretty Pieces


I love working with paper and I love collecting paper too. Last week I gathered a bunch of paper bits for my latest inspiration board. Hope to post it soon, I take tons of photos with my camera, narrowing them down is the hardest part. 

Here's a peek for you:


  1. this looks gorgeous! I cant wait to see it alL!

  2. Thanks Claire (^•^)
    Hope I can post soon! xo

  3. I love the butterfly! Gorgeous! Hughs Anja

  4. Those stamps are sooo sweet!!!!

  5. Thanks Euphoria. I'm glad you noticed them. They are vintage stamps from the 1980's (^•^) I love vintage postage, they make envelopes so much nicer!

  6. you are a super talented stylist. LOVE THIS IMAGE.

  7. Thank you Katrina (^•^) I love doing this when I'm at home! Glad you love it! xo

  8. This is beautiful, Merissa. I love the colours you've chosen, the graph paper is great, and those stamps really are cute.

  9. Hi Abby :) thank you. I love pretty paper and especially lovely postage. Glad that you noticed them. xo


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