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As much as I love to be out shopping, I so love to be at home doing the things I love. And today is such a day for staying at home. I'm in the mood for some doodling, calligraphy, and catching up with handwritten letters for friends. I might also squeeze in some cleaning..hehe ;) and I said "might".

What do you at home? Do you create, relax, clean...which I should seriously be doing right now.

Have a great weekend!

Psst...Kitty-chan likes to stay at home too...

Kitty-chan loves watching Snoopy on television and he wanted me to take his picture in classic Snoopy fashion...on the roof.

This is how mini, Kitty-chan is. Chiisai.

Photos by: me


  1. I love to be at home while my cat sleeps on the chair.
    And I also enjoy doing something creative while my baby girl is sleeping. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Euphoria!
    Thanks for sharing what you like to do at home too :) Home is my shelter and my favorite place to be. It would be nice to have a few pets and my niece over too. Have a great weekend at home!
    xo, Merissa.

  3. Hi Merissa! You have such a lovely blog here. I love all the photos that you take... the editing is beautifully done as well. Are you self taught with you camera? I've been wanting a DSLR for so long.. but haven't made the leap to make such a huge purchase. Hopefully soon though. :) This little kitty is so cute! I love being at home relaxing with my hubby and our little maltipoo Pooma. I enjoy crafting, sewing, and make yummy meals.

    xx Love & Aloha

    p.s. Your sister Hillary told me about your blog. She is such a sweetheart! I'll be hosting a little Etsy Love feature for her on my blog... it should be up by the beginning of next week! :)

  4. Sharonlei,
    So nice to have your visit! Ah, yes! Hillary told me a little bit about being featured on a blog from Maui. I'm looking forward into seeing the post :) As for photography, I took a B&W film intro class for one semester at a community college, and I like to dig through photo books and finding tips online a lot. DSLR's are a great investment and being that you are a blogger, I know that you will get lotsa use out of one.
    Glad to hear that you enjoy crafting as well. Relaxing with those that you love and making yummy meals, now that's very lovely to hear. I'd like to add yummy meals to my time at home, only thing is that I'd like to do the eating and hubby do the cooking :)
    I'll be hopping over to your blog, Hillary tells me such great things about it!
    xo, Merissa

  5. Hi Merissa!!!
    I love that little house and the cat....such a cutie!!
    When Im at home I love being on the computer or doing something crafty but I also have to clean!! I have two boys who turn the house into total kaos! : D

  6. Hi Ishtar :) thank you!
    I wish I had that trait of wanting to clean like you..haha, most of the time I get caught up in doing something crafty plus being on the computer at the same time...I can hardly pull myself away! Must be really fun with your kiddos :) I miss my siblings.
    Have a wonderful week!
    xo, Merissa.

  7. Hand written letters are the best, I need to start doing that more often.

  8. Dina, you're so right! I looove handwritten letters! We should all do it more often :) Cheers to more handwritten letters and greeting cards to come!!!

  9. Gorgeous photos -- I just love birdhouses!

  10. Thank you Melissa. These were too cute to pass up so I had to buy them :)

  11. Anonymous21 June, 2010

    hi!! I am Noelia, from Spain... I've been following you for a little while... Can I ask you something?? Do you know where can I get some of these little wee wood houses??
    thanks very much!!

  12. Aloha noemozica :)
    These little wood houses came from our local craft supply store here in Honolulu. I do not remember the name of the manufacturer but if I do come across them again in the store, I'll sure remember to blog it.
    Thanks so much for your visits!
    xo, Merissa.


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