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I've been trying my hand at floral arranging making bouquets. I wish I had paid attention while growing up, my aunt had her own flower shop on Kauai and I remember hanging out when I was a kid.
Well, the reason why I'm arranging flowers is because my third sister is getting married next month, and I told her I would do her bouquet and her bridesmaids. I had never arranged flowers before, I really appreciate the gorgeous flowers I see arranged in magazines, and online. When I told her I would do her bouquet and her bridesmaids, I didn't realize that the words were coming out of my mouth. I think I was thinking out loud or something..haha. So now, as time is getting closer, and after finding out that transportation of fresh flowers (I'd have to fly on a plane) might not be that easy...and I'd have to know how to transport fresh flowers...temperatures, how long they'll last out of water, how to wrap them and box them without bruising, carry on the plane or box them as luggage...ARGH! And then when I get the flowers to Kauai, where to store them...so refrigeration was an issue. My!
So after debating with myself for days, I finally gave in to the idea of using artificial flowers. I know, when you hear artificial flowers the first response is "ugh", cause mines was. But after looking around, I've found that there are some really pretty and close to realistic looking artificial flowers out there. And they can get pricey, as I've learned. Or maybe it's just that we're in Hawaii so prices are higher? That's probably it.
$26 for a dozen Cymbidium orchids of which I needed two dozen=$52, and $2.29 each for one little rose bud which I got about 30 of=$68.70 not including tax. Now that was only the breakdown for only 2 of the types of flowers I used and not including the other flowers and supplies. We might've actually saved $ employing a florist. Me and my great ideas.
But I can say that floral arranging is, in Suzi Blu terminology: crack! You get addicted. Especially seeing all the pretty blooms and accessories that you can use in arrangements, I get mesmerized. Oh, no, that's all I need is another expensive hobby. Hehe!


  1. Hi Merissa, your bouquet is so pretty, I can't believe you've never done any flower arranging before! It will be so much fun doing the bouquet for your sister. Love your painting, its gorgeous! Wini xo

  2. Hi Wini, thank you! I'm so happy that you think it's pretty :) I've never done flower arranging before and I wish I started long ago! :)

  3. but you are born to do that! I love the soft colours and the fresh green combined with the colourful pink :) just lovely!

  4. {The Perfect Palette}, Aloha and Mahalo! :)


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