Buenas noches! So I'm kinda getting in the artistic mode these days. Only thing is that my creative juices only start running in the evenings on towards the wee hours. Like right now it's midnight and I just ate a sandwich, drinking guava juice, listening to Nujabes on the computer, and gathering my art arsenal together. I just had a little visit a few minutes ago from mom, Dannica, and Brittany, who dropped me off a Zippy's turkey sandwich, they just flew in from Kauai tonight. Then they're off to Walmart which is open 24hrs. here in Honolulu. Well I just thought I'd post a pic of my goodies...non-edible ones..haha. My oils.

My new acrylic paints.

My charcoal chamois. Far right is my dear charcoaled chamois which I've had for maybe almost 2 years now. Next to it on the left is what it would have looked like before I went crazy into charcoal frenzy. Me and my chamois have a very special relationship..haha..I always have to have him with me when I use charcoal. But this past semester I had to learn to draw cleaner and not use my chamois :( oh it's been muy tough. When I first whipped him out in class and started wiping down my paper with it, my classmates were like "what are you doing?...what is that?"..haha. All the build up on the chamois actually creates a nice gray tone on the paper, which I like, it's very messy, but it's awesome. And charcoal is also awesome..haha.


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So happy you paid me a visit. Mahalo!
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