How's my photographer's stance? That's Shaolin style...haha.

Waiting for my assistant...jus jokin..that's Danni helping me out. here's a sneak of my trip to Kauai and the photo shoot I did for my final project. The final was family portraits. We were told that a portrait is thoughtful, controlled, and captures the 'spirit' of the person. I was so stoked because we have many interesting people in our family! Here is my cousin Kalani, who is a Paniolo..Hawaiian cowboy! Kalani rides in the rodeo and has won lots of awards and recognition for his talent! He's still in high school and has travelled throughout Hawaii and the mainland to compete. And he's such a sport for letting me take his photo. I can't wait to see how the B&W photos come out! Maybe I'll even paint a portrait of him too. Kalani is growing so fast! We share the same birthday in May...I was even in the delivery room when he was born!..which makes us only a year apart!'m kiddin.


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