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Since it's spring break and today was my day off from work and there were no classes, I could sleep in...yay! But when I did wake up, I got ready and headed downtown to the Hawaii State Art Museum. Let me tell ya, finding parking is a headache downtown! I wish the museum had some sort of valet service or something, geez. Something was also going on across the street on the front lawn of Iolani Palace too. Seems like they were in the process of making a taro patch or something right in front of the steps of the palace, all I saw was a huge tractor and lots of dirt? I should've taken a pic, but I was being timed by the hour for my parking..that is $8 an hour. Let me tell ya, for a Kauai girl...we don't ever have to pay for parking anywhere on Kauai!!! That's one thing I miss...haha...we could park in the bushes, on rocks, sand, dirt out in the booneys..who ever heard of paying for parking?

Getting back to the museum story...so Hawaii became the first state to set aside 1% of the cost of state buildings for visual art. Our hard earned "moolah". For the purpose of beautifiying or "humanizing" our state buildings..and it's a pretty good idea since the outdated architecture of the majority of our state buildings is...are (lol, I need grammar lessons) pretty much unappealing, exterior and interior...haha. In my opinion, and I have a very different one, they could use a fresh eye for acquiring new pieces of art...a new "buyer"...oh I'd love to help...my specialty "shopping"...ka-ching! Perusing the galleries I came across only a few pieces that grabbed me but then again, I guess they've been thinking of appealing to the masses and not only me..ha. If I ever get the chance to build my dream home, it would include very high ceilings, vast walls, open floor space, and spectacular lighting...all for paintings and sculpture..haha and designer toys like my El Panda the luchador!

I also encountered a surprise while in one of the galleries...my photography instructor's work! I have to tell her next week! She had awesome black and white photographs on display and I was surprised to see her work there! You never know what you will find at the museum!


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