Handmade Valentines & Pink Envelopes



These blank pink notecards that I purchased at a gift shop in Honolulu were sitting in my stationery stash for years now. Finally I figured out what I was going to use them for, making Valentines cards!! Using a black marker I drew a heart in the center and then went to town with my stickers, some old, some new. Many February's have past since I finally began using some of them. I collect stickers for a reason, to use them in projects just like this... #1 excuse I tell my husband. I'm lucky he lets me buy them...with his money ;P

Then comes choosing envelope colors. Luckily I have several pinks on hand this time around. I like mixing up the colors with envelopes.

Check back because I'll be sharing more photos of the rest of my handmade Valentines cards and envelopes soon.

Are you making your own handmade cards for Valentines this year? x

// Photos taken by me with my iPhone (I love the square format).


News! Pipsticks x Merissa Revestir



You guys! I have the most sticker-iffic news! I will be collaborating with the sticker subscription company Pipsticks this 2015. I get to play with stickers! Can I cue stickers falling from the sky? Come over and see what my hands create at the Pipsticks blog or also at their social media sites like Facebook and Instagram @mypipsticks

The first project is up along with a Pipsticks interview with yours truly. 

I'll be doing a project or two each month. And you know how I love pretty mail, well expect to see some there. 

A peek at my first envelope for Pipsticks right before finishing with postage stamps and stickers. See the final mail art piece here.

From my Instagram @merissa_cherie. Are you following me yet?


Valentines Envelopes



 I thought that by keeping the border on my sheet of postage stamps that it made a nice frame for the new USPS Forever Hearts postage. Here's how they turned out:

These are a few envelopes for a Valentines exchange I took a part in. I'm using hot pink, light pink, and even red envelopes this year. I dug into my precious stash and decided to finally part with them. But I have to say it's a good thing I had an assortment of colors for my handmade Valentines because where I live there are no stationery or card stores in our new town.

A vellum envelope:

and from my Instagram:
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Valentines Shopping Haul



More Valentines themed merchandise spotted and scooped up while at the store. Plastic zippered bags with pink hearts and of course stickers. Why can't we have cute products year round in stores here in the US? It gets you cheerful and brings back childhood memories so why not? I love Valentines don't you?


USPS Forever Hearts Stamps



Finally got my hands on these postage stamps at the post office today. Going to use them on my Valentines snail mail. I always look forward to what the US Postal Service releases for their Love series each year. What do you think about the design for this 2015?


Snail Mail | From Pennsylvania



Pretties from Kate. Gosh how I love Typo stationery and their mini cards in particular. Check out these Typo mini cards that Kate sent me. The cross made of flowers is amazing. Thanks so much Kate♥︎

Snail mail from: Kate Rose // Photos: me, Merissa Revestir


Handmade stickers Valentines Day little angels



February is right around the corner! I've been thinking of what I should be crafting for Valentines. Then I got it, handmade stickers! Well, mainly because I got only a one woman operation here with no sophisticated machinery that I'd have no choice but to be crafty for Valentines and make them by myself. I printed out multiples of my angel illustration on my home inkjet and ran them through my Xyron Create-a-Sticker Machine. I'm liking how they turned out and I'll be sticking these on my envelopes and what not. Maybe I'll also complete a lino print? Hmm too much crafts to make, too little time.


Sticker Haul || For Valentines Day



Call me sticker obsessed, as soon as Christmas was over I've been frequenting stores to see when the Valentines merchandise hit the sales floor. Then the new year came, still nothing, but I'm not surprised, I live on an island after all. Then in the middle of the second week in January, luck! At a drugstore of all places. I spotted the cutest Hallmark stickers and by the way they're made in the USA. Cupcakes, cats and pugs, and Peanuts cartoon cuties, yes you're mine! I'll just slip them into the basket when my husband isn't looking...he's paying and this poor girl don't have a job, haha.

I also found these by CVS/Pharmacy for .99 cents. I'm glad that they chose to have stickers as part of their Valentines offering. It's hard to find stickers on this island where I live.




The new year calls for new stationery don't you agree? These are a few of the items I would love for snail mailing this 2015 from Minted.com. I love the fact that their stationery is customizable, you can add your name and wording to your choice of design. I can just imagine brightening up someone's day when they open their mailbox to find one of these note cards waiting for them in the mail. Aren't they cute?

1// Ice Cream Dream  2// Mod Stripes   3// Curious Cat   4// Painted Sign   5// Simply Sweetest  

And let me tell you, if I had Minted when I got married 14 years ago, I would have definitely ordered some cool save-the-date cards from them.

Card designs from: Minted   //   Handwriting, Merissa Cherie's Picks, with minted, merissa-cherie.blogspot.com, no.s 1-6: mines, Merissa Revestir
Sponsored by Minted

Washi tape stickers for paper crafts



I adore washi tape. I collect washi tape. I use washi tape in crafting. They're perfect for planners, snail mail, gift wrapping, and I've even stuck washi tape to my room windows. There's a hashtag on Instagram: #washitapeaddict, hmmm that's me. It's decorative and adds that nice detail. Another thing I love to do is to cut out the images from the tape to make stickers. 

Here I'm using my washi tape stickers alongside my hula girl drawing. My drawing was turned into a handmade sticker also. And if you're wondering how I turned my drawing into a sticker, well I used my favorite sticker maker: Xyron .

And these scissors belong to my sister. It was a Christmas gift from Japan.

And my new rubber stamp below.


December 2014



Happy New Year! Did December fly by or what? I really did not get the chance to post much throughout the month so here I go. In Instagram terminology it would be known as a #latergram, ha!

 Beautiful Christmas themed package filled with stationery from Trisha Zemp! Trisha stuffed this package with amazing treats. Everything was so beautiful and the things she chose were so perfectly coordinated it was as if it were meant for a photo shoot...of course that's exactly what I meant to do with it all.

I did my very first linoleum carving from a sketch I drew. It's my version of a Hawaiian Santa. I decided to turn them into paper ornaments and hung them with red and white bakers twine.

A snapshot of my favorite Christmas tree ornament this year, a glittery cut out Merry Christmas sign. Right now I can't think of the proper name for it so glittery-cut-out-Merry-Christmas-sign will do.

Christmas cards from Calligraphers. A few envelopes photo'd from a Christmas calligraphy exchange I participated in. Calligrapher Mark C. even sent vintage nibs, how generous of him!

Photos: me, Merissa Revestir
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