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Hope everyone is having a festive December! I've been busy crafting and wanted to share with you a few paper projects I made using beautiful wallpaper provided by Graham & Brown. The thing I enjoyed about their wallpaper was that it could carry over into paper crafting. Thick enough to be made into an envelope yet flexible enough to score and fold minus the wrinkling or stress marks that you get when using cardstock and most thick scrapbooking papers. Plus, the gorgeous quality of the printing stayed put and did not rub or flake off. In my experience with paper crafting and card making, etc., I've had the print on scrapbooking paper and gift wrap flake off and disappear after folding and creasing, so I was pretty impressed that their wallpaper stood up to my crafting :)

And let me tell you, I was amazed that day I was contacted by Graham & Brown asking me if I was up to creating something for Christmas with their luxurious wallpaper. Little ol' me? Oh my! Of course I'd do it. Thank you so much for the opportunity Suzanne and the rest of the team at Graham & Brown UK!

So with Christmas and paper crafting in mind I thought of gift tags in the shape of Christmas stockings and envelopes. Another thing is that the wallpaper designs I worked with went well with the Christmas theme but will also work for any other occasion as well.

This is the wallpaper Darcy, which I made little paper Christmas stocking gift tags out of which could also be hung as an ornament. The back was meant to be written on. Paper Christmas stockings are easy to send through the mail in a matching Darcy envelope :)

2014 Merissa Revestir for Graham & Brown Wallpaper Christmas paper crafting


2014 Merissa Revestir for Graham & Brown Darcy envelope
Next was the awesome Frames wallpaper. I used Frames as my Christmas inspiration board and also made another type of envelope out of it. For this one I hand stitched around the frame design to attach it to a red cardstock backing.
2014 Merissa Revestir

2014 Merissa Revestir for Graham & Brown Wallpaper Frames Christmas inspiration board
2014 Merissa Revestir for Graham & Brown Wallpaper Frames inspiration board 3

With the Frames wallpaper you can place your photos, art, and inspiration in each frame and it makes everything look so much better :) I've taped my visual inspirations, calligraphy practice, my first linocut print (see Mele Kalikimaka Santa above), and other thingamajigs up with washi tape. I'll also have to try writing in a frame or painting on it. I love the Frames wallpaper. Isn't it a cool idea :)

Graham & Brown also has a US site: here
Graham & Brown UK: here


Mail Art | Envelope decorating



I started painting on this plain padded envelope and didn't have any idea on where I was going with it so I set it aside. I was even going to throw it away because it was just adding to my pile of stuff. Then it occurred a few months later that I came across it again and finally made another attempt. I took out a paintbrush and acrylic paints and not so perfectly painted here and there. Here's what I came out with using stickers, washi tapes, and glitter.
Envelope decorating by Merissa Revestir 2014
Envelope decorating by Merissa Revestir 2014
Envelope decorating 3 by Merissa Revestir 2014
Envelope decorating 2 by Merissa Revestir 2014
When it's ready to be mailed, the recipient's name would go in the teddy bear shape. Btw, I drew the bear shape by hand then cut it out to make a stencil. Did I share that one already? I'll have to back track.

If you follow me on Instagram, here's a photo that I shared:
Another #wip from last night, the #envelope I painted because I ��#snailmail #mailart and #pastel #colors. I had the #creativebug.


Paper Crafting | Kids Countdown Til Christmas



My niece Harper keeps asking "how many more sleeps til Christmas?", so my sister volunteered me to make some kind of days til Christmas calendar, she got the kids worked up about it so I was cornered. I had to whip up something quickly as my niece Harper gave me a deadline, really she did. So here's what I crafted up, a Christmas tree countdown using what I had on hand. Harper is a little smarty pants and asked me where the little gifts on her Christmas tree calendar were (meaning an advent calendar). So I had to explain that this was a different type of calendar tree...goodness, no fooling a 4 year old, how did she even know about advent calendars and gifts anyways? 

Every morning the kids get to pull off a number towards the countdown to Christmas. The numbers are written on Post-It notes for easy removal. They also enjoy practicing their counting by reciting the numbers starting from the top.

I used 12"x12" scrapbooking paper for the green of the tree. I cut circle ornaments using a jam jar lid as a circular template onto random scrapbooking paper and attached them to the tree with washi tape from Target. The candies on the edge of the tree branches I cut out of cardboard boxes. I had the girls paint the ornaments (on the bottom) using acrylic paints and glitter, they had fun with that. Also made of cardboard are the star at the top of the tree and the tree base which I drew woodgrain with a Sharpie marker. Voila! They seem to like it, mission accomplished.


Autumn 2014 in photos



I thought I'd share few snapshots of my Autumn this year, a few are from my Instagram and my iPhone camera roll. While we couldn't really sense it was Fall here in the islands I did get hints through store merchandise and the world online. Btw, you have to see what came in my mailbox from Washington in my last photo below, thanks so much Melissa ;) it's by far the coolest mail I've received.


Stickers | Pipsticks


I grew up with quite a collection of whimsical and fun stickers from Lisa Frank, Mrs. Grossman, and Sandylion. So one of my favorite things, you may already know by now are stickers. Do you have any fond sticker memories? What were/are your favorites? I'd love to hear :)

Pipsticks stickers | merissa-cherie.blogspot

You may be wondering what I do with them since I'm still a fan..ahem, sticker nerd. Well...

Top 3 ways that I like to use stickers are:
  1. Snail mail! I'll use them on the outer envelopes and on stationery that needs some fun.
  2. Use them on my calendar and in planners. Let those important dates to remember stand out.
  3. Gift wrapping. There's so much ways to use it here, thinking of maybe doing a post on that.
If you'd like to try crafting with stickers for yourself or know of someone who would, here's a cool idea, a sticker subscription!
Maureen wrote me to introduce her company and I thought it was such a cute idea, and I know that you'd think so too, it's called Pipsticks. She even mailed me her cute Pipsticks packet via snail mail, yay thanks Maureen!
Pipsticks is a sticker subscription company that will send you a collection of stickers each month. You won't have to go searching from store to store to gather fun, Pipsticks has done the work for you. Your packet will arrive through the mail (yay!) and you craft, make a fun sticker postcard to send as snail mail, use them as fun rewards for those little kiddies in your life, or start a sticker stash..that would be me.
And just for my readers Pipsticks is offering 1 month free with any 6 or 12 month sticker subscription with the code CHERIE11 at checkout.


Snail Mail : Gift Wrapping and Mail Art Using Washi Tape and Stickers



Sharing photos of my snail mail package exchanged with Shelby. I used my favorite materials: washi tape, stickers, and scrapbooking paper snippets. I love using scrapbooking supplies for snail mail. #pink


Calligraphy Practice: Quote from Jane Austen



Practicing with a quote from Sense and Sensibility. In a Jane Austen mood as I'm starting my November with Persuasion. I've never read it before, have you? It made me so curious about Jane's life, there's probably a book about that too. 


Happiest Halloween | Cat Pics



Gypsy bones_2014Oct31_1829
Had a little cat photo shoot this afternoon :) haha!

A photo posted by M E R (@m_rev) on


Today's Things | It's Halloween


Fall magazines with pumpkins

Halloween sugar skulls card

Halloween sugar skull card and lights

Halloween card and lights

Magazines: Martha Stewart Living, Good Housekeeping | Sugar skull card by: Hallmark | Halloween cat tea light candle holder $1.97, LED lights $2.47 pack of 4 from: Walmart


Snail Mail | From Pennsylvania



Letter from Kate Rose |
Stationery goodies from Kate |
Received such pretty paper goodies from Kate of Kate Rose Customs. Typo mini cards and Project Life cards too, sweet. Thank you Kate!


Illustration || Show and tell: Moleskine and a wood panel



I finally went into my Moleskine sketchbook. I was too afraid to draw in it because it was such a beautiful book with fresh, thick pages, I was too nervous I might ruin it and have to tear a page out.. which I do not want to do. I adore my Moleskines a little bit too much. I started with a sketch of a girl, then went in with some paints for the background. It's just the start but it's some progress. Here are two photos of that whole ordeal that took me forever to start:

I'm also staring at this wood panel. I sketched a face on it and I'm just staring at it, contemplating on what I'm doing next. Do I like the sketch? Am I doing mixed media? Acrylic paints? Oil paints? Geez this is hard work to figure out.. need coffee.


Shop Open || De-stashing my craft supply stash



Hello all! Just wanted to pop in to let you know I finally added some things to my Etsy shop: MERISSACHERIE. First up are my de-stash items, rubber stamps. These were custom made in my writing. I used them a few times, they're in good condition. So if you're interested I have 3 of them up in the shop.

Hoping to add more things in the future ;) just keep me in check and give me a virtual nudge now and then via my blog here, IG, Twitter, Etsy convo... when you ask it'll get 'er done. Stamps #3 and #5 have already been sold.

If there's anything else you'd like me to add to my shop just ask or give me some ideas on what you'd like to see. I'm open to ideas. xo

Update 10/17: Only 1 stamp left in the shop. I can't believe it! I gotta do more de-stashing. However, I'll wait until the current tropical storm Ana disappears so it won't interrupt shipping. I'll most likely Instagram what's new. Thanks to the sweet ladies who made purchases, you made my month! x

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