Snail Mail : Gift Wrapping and Mail Art Using Washi Tape and Stickers



Sharing photos of my snail mail package exchanged with Shelby. I used my favorite materials: washi tape, stickers, and scrapbooking paper snippets. I love using scrapbooking supplies for snail mail. #pink


Calligraphy Practice: Quote from Jane Austen



Practicing with a quote from Sense and Sensibility. In a Jane Austen mood as I'm starting my November with Persuasion. I've never read it before, have you? It made me so curious about Jane's life, there's probably a book about that too. 


Happiest Halloween | Cat Pics



Gypsy bones_2014Oct31_1829
Had a little cat photo shoot this afternoon :) haha!

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Today's Things | It's Halloween


Fall magazines with pumpkins

Halloween sugar skulls card

Halloween sugar skull card and lights

Halloween card and lights

Magazines: Martha Stewart Living, Good Housekeeping | Sugar skull card by: Hallmark | Halloween cat tea light candle holder $1.97, LED lights $2.47 pack of 4 from: Walmart


Snail Mail | From Pennsylvania



Letter from Kate Rose |
Stationery goodies from Kate |
Received such pretty paper goodies from Kate of Kate Rose Customs. Typo mini cards and Project Life cards too, sweet. Thank you Kate!


Illustration || Show and tell: Moleskine and a wood panel



I finally went into my Moleskine sketchbook. I was too afraid to draw in it because it was such a beautiful book with fresh, thick pages, I was too nervous I might ruin it and have to tear a page out.. which I do not want to do. I adore my Moleskines a little bit too much. I started with a sketch of a girl, then went in with some paints for the background. It's just the start but it's some progress. Here are two photos of that whole ordeal that took me forever to start:

I'm also staring at this wood panel. I sketched a face on it and I'm just staring at it, contemplating on what I'm doing next. Do I like the sketch? Am I doing mixed media? Acrylic paints? Oil paints? Geez this is hard work to figure out.. need coffee.


Shop Open || De-stashing my craft supply stash



Hello all! Just wanted to pop in to let you know I finally added some things to my Etsy shop: MERISSACHERIE. First up are my de-stash items, rubber stamps. These were custom made in my writing. I used them a few times, they're in good condition. So if you're interested I have 3 of them up in the shop.

Hoping to add more things in the future ;) just keep me in check and give me a virtual nudge now and then via my blog here, IG, Twitter, Etsy convo... when you ask it'll get 'er done. Stamps #3 and #5 have already been sold.

If there's anything else you'd like me to add to my shop just ask or give me some ideas on what you'd like to see. I'm open to ideas. xo

Update 10/17: Only 1 stamp left in the shop. I can't believe it! I gotta do more de-stashing. However, I'll wait until the current tropical storm Ana disappears so it won't interrupt shipping. I'll most likely Instagram what's new. Thanks to the sweet ladies who made purchases, you made my month! x





Late in the afternoon as bath towels laid out to dry they caught my eye and called for a snapshot. It's been so hot and sunny in September and also now in October. When will the air here get cooler? It really is an endless summer in Hawaii. The only things that remind me that it's Fall are the magazine covers in the store and the holiday merchandise. I've been already buying Christmas decor ;)


Snail Mail | Dossier Challenge Part 2



The 2 pages I decorated for the dossier I mentioned in my previous post {here} were done in a mix of bright colors and layers. I applied Montana Gold spray paint to the pages which I initially bought for a woodworking project I have on the side. I decided to try it on the paper to add color, it worked.

The kokeshi doll was a collage I compiled digitally then printed on my inkjet, cut out by hand, and glued to the page.
I later filled out my pages with my answers to the question asked: What are your guilty pleasures?
To answer it partially here (because I had many), one of them happens to be magazines. And I mean printed magazines out of paper. Shame on me I should be saving a tree and reading them digitally, but I can't help the feel of turning a page made of paper. Thus it is my guilty pleasure. I love everything from Somerset Life by Stampington & Company to Mollie Makes, Martha Stewart Weddings to Harper's Bazaar, Mental Floss to Mother Earth News, and don't get me going on international magazines... I wish I could get my hands on Family Living from Stockholm, hej future snail mail friend in Sweden wanna do a magazine exchange?..he he.


Paper Crafting | Handmade Stickers & Stenciling On Stationery Paper



I always wanted to turn my illustrations into stickers, sticker flakes in particular. Unfortunately, I've never found a resource searching the web so I attempted to make stickers myself. My sister has this handy device for paper crafting called a Silhouette. I'm pretty much behind on these things and never knew what it was or what it was capable of, believe it or not. If it weren't for the machine I'd be cutting everything by hand with a scissors. Ahh technology.
I printed a bunch of my pineapple illustrations on paper with my inkjet and handed them to my sister for cutting. After the cut outs were made I noticed that they left really neat shapes of my pineapples. I pondered on using it somehow and by the time I stared at them for a while, stenciling popped up in my head.

I stenciled pineapples on my precious Kate Spade letter paper (I say precious because I don't have much left on hand and I adore the quality) and stenciled pineapples on tiny yellow notecards which I then drew over with my Gelly Roll pens. I also made stickers..haha which was my first plan. Since I didn't have any sticker paper I ran each pineapple through a Xyron, I love Xyron tools

Several weeks ago, maybe it was last month August actually, I posted a photo from this project on my Instagram, if you follow me on IG this may already look familiar. However, I took more than that one photo so I'm sharing those photos now before they end up lost in my hard drive along with hundreds of other photos I never got the chance to work on or post. Photographing, editing photos, posting, writing words for a post, phew! It's really time consuming and to think it's just my hobby. It would be amazing to get paid for this stuff one day...


Snail Mail | From Ohio



Gosh, such a pretty package came to brighten my day! Thank you Shelby for the snail mail love all the way from Ohio. I just had to photograph it to share how pretty it was with all of you.

Snail Mail from Shelby
Snail Mail from Shelby-3

Snail Mail from Shelby-1
Can you imagine all the work put into this envelope? Every inch is covered in colorful patterned washi tape. How fun is that?!
Snail Mail from Shelby_2014Aug21_1289

Snail Mail from Shelby_2014Aug21_1286
I always wanted a date stamp! Shelby gifted me this pretty stamp from the Dear Lizzy craft line, which I am a fan of. And how I love washi tape, she included these "just because". Isn't she the sweetest! Every bit of it I thoroughly enjoyed, the handwritten notes, the typewritten paint swatches (wish I had a typewriter), bits of washi tape here and there, yellow polka-dot gift bag, bakers twine on the box (I can't believe it made it through the mail), cool postage stamps...l-o-v-e! Thank you Shelby!

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